All About Us

Hayley Moyses and The Bluegrass Forum was formed in late Autumn of 2006. At a pickin session organised at a pub just outside Norwich......


A message from Hayley

  • "I thought you all deserved to know where we've gone !
    I was diagnosed with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis after falling over whilst
    running some six years ago.
    This is an incurable brain condition that affects every part of the body.
    It means that I can no longer play our normal long sets,
    nor can I haul and load the larger p.a. system that we need for our performances.
    I am, however,still singing and playing but need to be seated
    and can do gigs where p.a. is provided.This generally means Theatre/Concert Hall events and similar.
  • Thank you all so much for the support of the band over the years
    You guys, both here in the U.K. and in Tennessee, USA, have been wonderful....
    We love and miss you. Hayley xx"

"New Shoes For Nashville"

To raise awareness of M.S. I have donated my song
"New Shoes For Nashville" to the M.S.Society
and plan to promote a concert to raise funds for the Society.